India’s leading eye-care hospital chain

ASG Eye Hospital (“ASG”) was founded in Jodhpur, Rajasthan by AIIMS (New Delhi) alumni Dr. Arun Singhvi and Dr. Shilpi Gang in 2005. It has delivered affordable and high-quality eye care to over 6.5 million people through its chain of over 50 state-of-the-art, specialty eye hospitals across 16 states in India, Uganda, and Nepal.
As a global leader in Ophthalmology, ASG provides comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and surgical services covering basic eyecare procedures through to complex surgeries including 24/7 emergency services for trauma and 24-hour eye banking facilities. ASG has become a benchmark for quality,accessible and affordable eye care through its use of pioneering cutting-edge technologies such as HOTA Approved Eye Bank for eye transplants, Femto lasers for cataract surgery, LASIK Laser machines, Advanced Vitreo-Retinal Surgery, Squint, Oculoplastic Surgery and cosmetic eye surgery. ASG aspires to be the preferred employer and partner to India’s top ophthalmologists, and in that endeavour launched its Fellowship Program in 2019 to train young surgeons and enable them to effectively impact patients in need. With its omnichannel offering and the ASG Partnership Programme,supporting single practitioners in remote districts to develop their skills and access the latest technology, ASG Eye Hospital continues on its doctor-led mission to enhance the quality of care, and deliver eye care for all and improve quality of life across India.

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