Leading pure-play nutraceuticals platform

Universal NutriScience was forged through a strategic partnership between Kedaara Capital and Universal Medicare (one of the pioneers in Nutraceuticals). The company was created through a carve-out from Sanofi of its nutraceuticals business in India, including many market-leading brands in the semi-chronic gynaecologist and ortho segments, along with a 200+ sales and marketing team. These brands are favourably positioned to provide first line treatment for indications where a drug cure doesn’t exist (Male and Female Infertility, Premenstrual Syndrome, General Wellness, Immunity, Cartilage and Joint Health) and also command high prescriber stickiness and recall, which will be harnessed to launch brand extensions and new products. The sales force is well-trained, high on clinical knowledge and commands industry leading productivity metrics, covering 20,000 specialist doctors at a pan-India level. The company will benefit from the experience and expertise of a talented pharmaceutical management team and well-known industry stalwarts on the Board.

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